CTCN Monthly Meeting, Wednesday, June 27, 2018: Ultra-paranoid Computing for the Consumer


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IEEE CTCN Monthly Meeting, Wednesday, June 27, 2018: Ultra-paranoid Computing for the Consumer

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  • Austin, Texas
  • United States 78727
  • Building: PoK-e-Jo's Smokehouse
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  • Lester Johnson, IEEE Central Texas Consultants Network


David Pruett

IEEE CTCN Monthly Meeting, Wednesday, June 27, 2018:

A brief history of security failures underscores the ultra-paranoid assumptions. 
Multiple parts separated onto safe media and stored in safe places can address even the 
ultra-paranoid assumptions.


David Pruett's 50-plus year obsession with computers has resulted in several
unintended consequences. His 5th grade fascination with the economic model
in Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine continues unabated to this day.
Danny Dunn's secret Homework Machine (a computer) frees the protagonist to
go out and play while the other kids toil. The quest for Homework Machines
has molded Mr. Pruett's interests towards those fields capable of producing
Homework Machines, and those that study how to benefit from them.

Eventually the Homework Machines helped bring to life an array of amazing
early prototype devices, which as often as not ended up becoming Homework
Machines themselves. Having the world's first tablet computer twenty years
before the other kids was a significant step in the quest for Homework
Machines. Likewise blazingly fast parallel machines, and other devices.
Amazing people with amazing wisdom tend to come along with amazing devices,
and Mr. Pruett is casually working on material for a blog about some of the
devices and people that shaped our world.

If the person with the coolest toys wins, money does not get you the VERY
coolest toys that can't be bought at any price. From Kahneman's 2010
Princeton study, neither does it get you happiness. One of Pruett's more
recent results in economics incorporates Kahneman's results to derive the
supply curve for labor. In excess of ten people have retired almost
immediately after seeing the result. Mr Pruett is currently majoring in Fun
at Texas State University, without enrolling or attending formal classes.
Recent reports suggest students actually went as Pruett for Halloween.

Homework Machines involve focusing on eliminating the largest obstacles to
fun, which is sometimes no longer homework, but fear. His computer security
project is now in its 6th year of testing.


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