Cosmic Wireless Power Transfer System and the Equation for Everything


Please plan to attend this meeting of the Industry Applications Society. The speaker will be Greg Poole, President of Industrial Tests, Inc.

The presentation will discuss how representing the Earth as a rotating spherical antenna, several historic and scientific breakthroughs are achieved. Visualizing the Sun as a transmitter and the planets as receivers the solar system can be represented as a long wave radio system operating at Tremendously Low Frequency (TLF). Results again confirm that the “near-field” is Tesla’s “dynamic gravity”, better known to engineers as dynamic braking or to physicists as centripetal acceleration, or simply (g). Timewave theory is invented, and the relationship of reflected time waves and time travel explored. A new law of the Sun is proposed as well as the merging of Einstein’s equation with acoustics and cosmic superstring theory. A new law of cosmic efficiency is also proposed that equates vibratory force and pressure with volume acceleration of the solar system. Lorentz force is broken down into centripetal and gravitational waves. Ten-dimensional cosmic superstring theory is espoused versus the aging three-dimensional Maxwellian model. Spherical antenna patterns for planets is presented and flux transfer frequency is calculated using distance to planets as wavelengths. The galactic grid operates at a Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz, which is derived from the science of dark energy and dark matter. The Sun and the planets are tuned to transmit and receive electrical power like resonating Tesla coils. The Earth’s stator winding has been modeled as a toroid tesla coil and the armature as a spherical armature. The equation for everything is born.


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Cosmic Wireless Power Transfer System and the Equation for Everything


Greg Poole was born in Auburn, Washington in 1959. He received the B.S. in electrical engineering from Washington State University in 1982.  In 1984, he worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation and spent much of his career working for their Engineering Service Division in the capacity of field engineer, sales and management. Mr. Poole was recipient of several awards at Westinghouse including the prestigious Eagle Award in 1994 for his efforts in renovating the NASA Unitary Wind Tunnel 200,000Hp motors and the commercialization of industrial substations. He also managed field service offices for General Electric, ABB and Square D prior to venturing into his own electrical engineering and testing company.   At General Electric, he was involved in many AC drive upgrades of steel mills and paper plants in upstate New York. For the past ten years he has served as President and co-owner of Industrial Tests, Inc. in Sacramento, California. The company is a NETA certified electrical testing firm that has been servicing northern California for nearly four decades. Over the span of his career Mr. Poole has done work for research organizations such as SLAC, LLNL, and Sandia Labs. This past year he has presented a paper on the electro dynamo theory at the Climate Conference held annually at University of California Berkeley. The previous year he was in Las Vegas attending a Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace conference as a key note speaker on his theory of electro magnetism and gravity. Mr. Poole's papers are published in the Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology.


Zio Fraedos

611 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill. Call 925-933-9091 if you need directions.

No-host social at 5:30 pm; Presentation at 6:15pm; Dinner at 7:15 pm;

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