New CA Law Requires Cyber security for Ethernet Connected Equipment, Network Connected Power Relays & Power Monitoring Included


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On September 28, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown approved California Senate Bill 327, a law to regulate the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This law requires that the data transmitted by network connected devices be treated with similar levels of security as personally identifiable information about an individual.  This is a big deal. Power monitoring systems, power relays, and other connected devices installed in power distribution equipment will all require an appropriate cybersecurity solution.

SB 327 requires the manufacturer of any “connected device” to equip the device with “reasonable” security features to protect information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. The bill defines “connected device” to include devices or any other physical objects that can directly or indirectly connect to the internet and are assigned IP or Bluetooth addresses.

SB 327 takes effect January 1, 2020.  Specifying Engineers will need to understand the law’s requirements, and how the state plans to enforce SB 327.

How will a law that requires cybersecurity for IOT connected devices affect designs for Power distribution systems?    Join us for a discussion on SB327, and the impacts on electrical power distribution design, as well as a primer on available cybersecurity options.


A Tour ofThe IEM Factory is available following the presentation.   This is a great opportunity to look inside low voltage and medium voltage equipment during production.  

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Bob Hunter of AlphaGuardian




Bob Hunter Bio – Bob is Founder and CEO of AlphaGuardian Networks, a pioneering leader in the field of secure management for the Industrial Internet of Things.  Previous to AlphaGuardian, Bob was the Founder and CEO of TrendPoint Systems, the market leader in branch circuit energy metering – recently acquired by Schneider Electric.  Prior to TrendPoint, Bob was the Founder and CEO of NetBrowser Communications, the pioneering leader in Web-based Facilities Monitoring.  Bob is the author of several patents, a published author and frequent speaker.


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