Introduction on Machine learning


Machine learning revolutionized a new era by producing breakthroughs in a wide range of technologies from network security to medical diagnoses in both commercial and research avenues. The applications are not restricted to computer science, and rather expanded to any discipline where there is a problem of prediction, estimation, and recently generation! So, an introduction to the field for those who are new can be inspirative and suggestive in any scientific venue. The IEEE student branch at INRS-EMT has this pleasure to host an introductory lecture session on machine learning. 

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  • 800 rue de la GauchetiereO. Portail Nord-Ouest, 6e étage, Bur. 6900
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Canada H5A 1K6
  • Room Number: Conference room
  • Starts 14 January 2020 02:56 PM
  • Ends 23 January 2020 11:56 PM
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Mehdi Amian of INRS-EMT


As a Ph.D. student in Telecommunication at INRS-EMT, Mehdi is affiliated with an academic group specialized in machine learning and computer vision. He has an MSc degree in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering and a BSc in Electrical/Telecommunication Engineering. Several semesters of teaching Electrical Engineering​ courses to undergraduate students at public universities in Iran are also in his record. His research interest is mainly deep learning in terms of applications as well as the internal structure of the networks.