IEEE y la Sostenibilidad de Redes Eléctricas


IEEE Sección Ecuador y el Capítulo Técnico de Potencia y Energía PES, tienen el agrado de invitar a dos conferencias que seran impartidas por el Dr. Damir Novosel IEEE DL y el Ing. Esteban Inga

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  • Date: 12 Dec 2014
  • Time: 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
  • All times are (GMT-05:00) America/Guayaquil
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  • Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Isabel La Católica y A. Mena Caamaño
  • Quito, Pichincha
  • Ecuador
  • Building: Auditorio de Ingeniería Eléctrica

  • Co-sponsored by Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Damir Novosel Damir Novosel of Quanta Technologies LLC


IEEE Involvement in Addressing Sustainable Power Grid


Reliable and efficient electrical grid operation is critical to society. Electrical utility industry has been experiencing significant changes in the last decade caused by new technology trends, environmental drivers and weather patterns, changing public needs, and regulatory requirements.

The electrical power and energy industry in the next decades will be different than it is today to meet the demands of the society and address challenges. We are at a crossroads in making business and technical decisions that will allow us to optimally and cost-effectively manage the grid.

The IEEE PES is very well positioned internationally to support government agencies in policy development and implementation. The PES volunteers and staff possess unparalleled, integrated knowledge of technical, economic, environmental, security, and safety aspects to significantly help policymakers with an all-inclusive and rigorous approach. Our organization could help review the existing documents, recommend additional legislative actions and assess priorities for research, development, and demonstration programs for the grid Infrastructure.

In the United States, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum in January 2014 directing several Federal agencies to undertake a Quadrennial Energy Review (QER), the first of which focuses on the development of a comprehensive strategy for the infrastructure involved in transporting, transmitting, and delivering energy. The US DOE, under the leadership requested IEEE to provide insights on a specific set of priority issues. The IEEE Joint Task Force on QER consisting of IEEE leaders from its membership delivered a report to the DOE, which is publicly available at IEEE tapped volunteers to provide an unbiased and independent response benefiting from synergies between private and public sectors (utilities, vendors, academia, national labs, regulatory organizations, and other industry participants).

The IEEE report focuses on a specific set of priority issues within the scope of the DOE request: 

  • Renewable intermittency on the electric power grid and the potential role of storage;
  • Utility and energy company business cases related to microgrids and distributed generation (DG), such as rooftop photovoltaics; 
  • The technical implications of electric vehicle (EV) integration; 
  • The implications and importance of the aging infrastructure and the overall asset management; 
  • Recommendations for metrics for addressing smart grid; 
  • Skilled workforce issues; and 
  • Condition and performance of the electric grid

This presentation will address the above as well as some other important issues and trends effecting the electrical grid.


Damir Novosel (SM 1994, F 2003) is president of Quanta Technology, a subsidiary of Quanta Services. Previously, he was vice president of ABB Automation Products and president of KEMA T&D US.

Damir is elected to National Academy of Engineers in 2014. Dr. Novosel is IEEE PES President Elect. He served as chair of the PES Technical Council, vice president of technology, and a member of the PES Governing Board from 2010 to 2012. Damir is also member of the CIGRE US National Committee. Damir holds 16 US and international patents and published over 100 articles in Transactions, Journals and Proceedings, receiving PES 2011 and 2013 Prize Paper Awards. He has led or participated in numerous IEEE standards, publications and other initiatives, such as keynotes and panels.

Damir has been continuing contributor to education, including an adjunct professorship of Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University, sponsorship of college scholarship programs, and support to industry courses and tutorials.

He holds PhD and MSc degrees in electrical engineering from Mississippi State University, where he was a Fulbright scholar, and the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Address:Quanta Technologies LLC, , North Carolina, United States

Esteban Inga Esteban Inga of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana


Modelo de Optimización de la Infraestructura de Comunicaciones Celulares usada en Medición Avanzada (AMI)

El modelo de optimización de la infraestructura de comunicaciones celulares usada en la infraestructura de medición avanzada (AMI) tiene por objetivo reutilizar la infraestructura de comunicaciones celulares actual, incluyendo un nuevo usuario en la red, denominado Smart Meter, que se comportaría como un celular fijo. Por lo tanto, se minimizan las estaciones base (EB) y los enlaces de interconexión. Los usuarios son agrupados según su proximidad a cada EB y según la capacidad de la EB.

El modelo identifica los sitios candidatos más adecuados para el despliegue de una EB y su red de interconexión entre EB usando una malla parcial de enlaces de fibra óptica.


Director de la Carrera de Ingeniería Eléctrica Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Director del proyecto de investigación “Gestión de Redes de Comunicación para medición inteligente de Energía Eléctrica

Address:Universidad Politécnica Salesiana - Quito, , Quito, Ecuador

Damir Novosel of Quanta Technologies LLC


IEEE Involvement in Addressing Sustainable Power Grid


Address:North Carolina, United States

Esteban Inga of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana


Modelo de Optimización de la Infraestructura de Comunicaciones Celulares usada en Medición Avanzada (AMI)


Address:Quito, Ecuador


El Futuro de las Comunicaciones en Redes Inteligentes


IEEE Involvement in Addressing Sustainable Power Grid