GHTC15 Conference Opening Reception by IEEE Young Professionals and IEEE Women In Engineering


 The IEEE GHTC15 Committee, IEEE Young Professionals, and IEEE Women In Engineering invite all IEEE members in the Seattle Section and Young Professionals worldwide to join us at the opening reception of GHTC15. Together, we are celebrating the global humanitarian accomplishments of compassionate "feet-on-the-ground" leaders in the IEEE, as well as the 70th anniversary of UNESCO. Join us for an exciting keynote talk by Jackie Stenson of EESmart, a panel discussion on the "techie life in Seattle," and a night of casual open networking.

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  • Date: 08 Oct 2015
  • Time: 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM
  • All times are US/Pacific
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  • 18740 International Blvd
  • Seattle , Washington
  • United States 98188
  • Building: DoubleTree Hilton
  • Room Number: Maxim's
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  • Co-sponsored by Young professional
  • Starts 06 October 2015 03:00 PM
  • Ends 08 October 2015 03:00 PM
  • All times are US/Pacific
  • No Admission Charge


Jackie Stenson

Jackie Stenson of EESmart


Invention is not enough: A journey from engineer to disseminator, and back

Hundreds of well-meaning organizations are inventing life-changing technologies for developing countries. They have solid engineering, catchy product photographs, compelling stories, and substantial funding. Unfortunately, very few of these inventions are achieving their intended impact. Products become trash; funding is wasted; user adoption rates are low. Mere invention is not enough.

Come hear one engineer's journey from inventor to disseminator. Filled with broken water pumps, rusting bicycle ambulances, and copious amounts of hitchhiking, Jackie will explore how and why the technology-for-development inventions we idolize in the West often fail in emerging markets, and what you can do to make sure your technology inventions are not designed in vain.


Jackie Stenson is CEO and co-founder of Essmart, a company that distributes life-improving Technologies in southern India. Based in Bangalore and an engineer by trade, Jackie, 28, started out designing technologies that could improve the lives of low income communities around the world whilst a student at Harvard. After working on technology-for-development initiatives in Africa and India for several years, she had her ‘Aha!’ moment: the real challenge is not the technical design of life-improving products, hundreds already exist, but rather their dissemination . As Jackie realized that the intended end-users of life-improving products, like affordable solar lanterns and non-electric water filters, simply don’t know about them or how to access them. In 2011, Essmart was born.

Essmart is building a marketplace for life-improving technologies in places where people already shop, the 15 million small retail shops that serve 90% of Indian households.

The products Essmart sells are helping meet the needs of the 97 million Indians that lack clean drinking water and the 700 million who have unreliable electricity. After aggregating a catalogue of in-demand, high-quality technologies, local sales executives demonstrate and market the products in shops, distribute them, and ensure after-sales service through manufacturers’ warranties. Essmart currently operates six distribution centers which have helped build a combined network of over 600 retail shops that have sold over 7,500 products. Essmart has over 40 full-time employees, most of whom are employed out of the villages and towns in which they operate. Revenue has increased on average 33% month-on-month from August 2013 to May 2014. Through Essmart, life-improving technologies achieve their intended impacts, and rural shops and end-users improve their businesses and lives Co-founder & CEO Essmart Brings life-improving technologies to low-income rural populations.

Honors & Awards

Awards & Fellowships

2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, Social Entrepreneurship category.

Laureate for Asia-Pacific region, Cartier Women's Initiative Awards.

Echoing Green Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs. D-Prize.

MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Venture Grant.

Dell Social Innovation Challenge Grand Prize.

MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Top Prize. J

esus College Foundation Scholarship for Academic Excellence (University of Cambridge)

Lloyds Register Educational Trust Scholar (University of Cambridge)

George Peabody Gardner Traveling Fellowship for post-graduate purposeful travel (Harvard)

Thomas T. Hoopes Prize for outstanding scholarly work or research (Harvard)

Winthrop House Public Service Award (Harvard) Weissman International Intern (Harvard)

Address:United States

Jackie Stenson of EESmart


Invention is not enough: A journey from engineer to disseminator, and back


Address:United States


6:30pm Welcome Reception

      Event Chair;  Mario Milicevic,  Chair, IEEE Young professional

      GHTC15 Conference Chair , Joe Decuir.

      IEEE USA President,  Professor James Jefferies,                                          

      EVENT sponsors and Hosts; 

      IEEE YP Chair, Mario Milicevic. 

      IEEE Seattle section Chair, Dr. sheree Wen

7:00pm  Keynote Speech by Jackie Stanson 

      President and founder, Essmart.  

      Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur honoree.

8:00 Pm , Panel , "Techie  life in Seattle "

               A.J. Bush,  Microsoft,  Eric Godo, Boeing,   Leon Turner, Honeywell, 

               Ravenda  Lai, Amazon,  Mike Brisbois, Siemans.

               Hosted and monitored by 

               Mario Milicevic  and Dr. Sheree Wen