Current Transformer: Attributes, Selection Criteria and Performance


Please plan to attend this meeting of the Industry Applications Society. The Speakers will be Dr. Harjeet Singh Gill and Miroslav Ristic from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

 Protective devices in power systems necessitate downscaling power system signals, currents and voltages, to the levels usable by system devices. The presentation focuses mainly on Current Transformer (CT). It transforms power system currents to usable voltage levels for metering and relaying functions. Owing to their application area, CTs can experience abnormal system conditions that adversely impact their operating performance. Any deviation from expected performance of the CTs results in undesired operations of connected protective devices. Well-established engineering practices exist to select CTs for their application at given short circuit level and X/R ratio. While typical criteria used for selecting CTs will be discussed in the presentation, key attributes, such as knee-point voltage, with respect to CT performance will be covered. This includes test-results from field-testing and their use in CT suitability for specific protective applications. Reference tools and standards related to CTs that serve as a useful resource for power system users are also identified.

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No-host social at 5:30 pm; Presentation at 6:15pm; Dinner at 7:15 pm;

Presentation continues at 8:00 pm; Adjourn by 9:00 pm.


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